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Easton is the cutest little boy we know! He rightfully earned the nickname 'BEASTY' when he was a baby and it has stuck with him. He is such a sweet little mommy's boy and we are ALL at his Beck and call. Easton loves cars, snacks, and playing outside. He is talking up a storm and it seems like he learns something new every single day. He is at such a fun age. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!


Ainslee is the baby and she just turned ONE!! This child is a handful!!! She hasn't quite grown out of the difficult phase.....that she has been in since she was born, but we still find ways to find her sweet side! Hearing her baby giggles and watching her discover & learn new things make all the whininess......just a little easier to deal with. Aaaahhh, we love this Ainslee Girl!!


Oh our cute little Avery! With her blue eyes & blonde hair, she is one of the cutest 4 year olds around!! This girl is stubborn! She definitely keeps us on our toes. She is quite unpredictable, which makes for a lot of laughs! Avery is our TREAT-FREAK! We can always guess what is on her mind. My favorite thing about Avery is her smiles. She always has one for us no matter what and that makes everyones day just a little better. She attends preschool and says she doesn't like it, but secretly we know she does ;). We are so lucky to have this cute girl in our family! We can't get enough of her.

Kobe Dylan

Kobe Dylan
Kobe is our first child, born in 2004. He was 4 months early and weighed a whopping 1 lb. 4 oz.! We got to be with Kobe for 4 wonderful weeks. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to raise one of God's perfect children. We love him and thank Heavenly Father everyday that he is part of our family. We have a treasure in heaven.
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Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones


Quinnie just turned 6! She is growing faster than we can keep up with! She loves going to first grade and is doing really well! She picks up on things very quickly and LOVES learning. She's seriously a sponge. Her favorite thing to do is write notes and draw pictures for her friends & family. You should see our continual stack of papers. Quinnlyn is creative & spunky & totally independant. We love her like crazy!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I suppose it is time for a little update...for those of you who care. It has been cooling down a bit here. It's at that point where I can't decide if I should dress the girls in pants or keep them in shorts for a little while longer. Although it has been nice, I am really dreading the winter ahead!
Brett had a couple of pretty laid back weeks which was really good for all of us! He was home early most days last week and we love that! We are really blessed that he isn't one who has to study 24/7 & when he does, it is usually at midnight (when the rest of us are sleeping). He has very weird study habits, but they work out nicely! And, being sleep deprived doesn't affect him the way it does most people.

Quinnlyn is happy as can be. She started going to a little preschool (like 'Joy School') and she is really excited about that! She loves nursery, still loves princesses, and is starting to play with Avery without making her cry! It is so nice when they play nicely for more than 5 minutes!!!! We continue to enjoy her little drawings. She actually drew a toilet the other day...weird I know but we are quite impressed by her abilities...

Avery is sick this week. It began with a runny nose, then a tiny fever for about 1/2 a day. Now she has little 'blisters' on her bum and around her mouth. I didn't think much of it until I noticed the blisters in her mouth this I have officially diagnosed her with 'Hand, Foot, & Mouth' Disease (I am quite the internet doctor).


Painful....Should be but so far doesn't seem to be

Miserable...all of us (once it gets painful)

Treatable...nope, it's viral

She should be okay soon though since it has been going on for about a week. Her new words are: Stuck, what's that? chapstick, help, hand (she's obsessed with her hands), toes, book, potty (hates having a dirty diaper....may be ready for potty training soon), outside, bike, buckle, & Duke (the dog next door).

As for me? I am awaiting the day I get my new car...and yes I say 'my' because I have officially claimed it. There will be very limited eating in it, frequent washings and WAXINGS (because I will NOT drive another oxidized car), no garbage in it, etc. I am determined to go back to my old ways (before my hubby influenced me into bad habits...yes YOU!) I am also excited for the visitors who are driving it out here (Brett's Parents...Thanks in adavance). I am also looking forward to our Christmas vacation but am quite content on being here for the time being. My exciting news is that I will start selling my Digital Scrapbooking Kits in an online store called: 'Ahhh Scrap'. Hopefully I will make a little money with this.


Thompson Family said...

Sorry to hear that Avery's sick! Hope it will pass soon! Congrats on your selling your kits, and best of luck with that!

Dave & Natasha said...

Ya for selling stuff on the internet! Isn't the internet a great thing for us stay at home moms?!

Oh, and Aaralyn had that hand foot mouth disease once too.... at least it doesn't last very long!

Bethany said...

Love the name of your scrapbooking biz! Hope Avery feels better soon.

Rob and Heather Weston said...

That sounds pretty great about your selling your kits. A nice way to make some extra change. At the convience of your own home.Good Luck