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Kobe Dylan
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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today was a day that I haven't been looking forward to. We had a meeting with the Bishop this morning. I was called into the Primary Presidency several months ago, so I knew it wasn't for me....and we just recently got a new bishopric a few weeks ago so the Elder's Quorum & Young Men's was 'taken apart' :). So I KNEW that my husband would NOT slip under the radar. It was just a matter of WHAT & WHEN. All I was hoping was that he wasn't the president of ANYTHING.

Well, I suppose I am being taught a lesson on 'Who is in charge here'. Because of course Brett was called to YOUNG MEN'S PRESIDENT. I am still trying to gain my bearings here. Can I really support him when he has been at school ALL day & then has to go to mutual? Or on Sundays when I am officially ON MY OWN trying to get the girls ready & out the door on time because he has meetings before & after church? Of course deep down I do support any calling my husband will hold, but closer to the surface, I know I am going to get frustrated & angry A LOT....and I do not hide FRUSTRATED & will be shown.

So now that I have vented. It's time to look for the blessings in this.

I can't deny that our family has been VERY blessed when is has come down to Brett's time away from home. His schedule has been pretty easy for me to deal with. In fact, I haven't had to deal at all. He is able to study for his tests while still playing an active role in our family (meaning he doesn't have to be alone in a quiet place). So I guess that is my trade-off. He has more time at home than most, so he can hold a more time consuming calling?????? I just worry about the 2nd semester of this second year he is in....because we hear it gets worse then.

I also look forward to the blessings that can come to us as we both serve. We have always been blessed in our circumstances. When I look back on our 6 1/2 years of marriage, I can see the Lord's hand in so many ways. And so I am willing to sacrifice my husband a bit so he can serve the Lord---because I know we will be blessed. How could I not....we need his blessing EVERYDAY!

And I could have it so much worse. Like the sister in my ward who has 5 kids (one of which is a newborn) whose husband is a med. resident, and he was just put in the bishopric. SERIOUSLY!!!! How do women handle this :). I certainly admire those who can do it without complaining. They will be my example through all this!

That's all. Sorry for being the pessimistic woman that I am. Feel free to share comments on how much harder you have I feel better about my situation :)


Rach said...

wow...good luck--I'd say they are crazy giving him a calling like that--but it sounds like you have a ward full of med/dental students. It will definitely bring blessings {along with much frustration!} YOU can do it :)

we are GIBSON said...

That's exciting for Brett! I actually think he will be awesome in the calling! From my perspective being pregnant, working full time, being the girl's camp director and a member of the YW presidency while my husband is out of town 5 days a week, I think it will take less time than you are thinking. Good luck!

The Bulkley Bunch said...

Wow! That is way exciting... Brett will do great. We will pray for you Kim. This will mean some more sacrifices on your part, not that seeing him away with school so much was not hard enough... Just think of the additional blessings that are awaiting you.... Wendi & Jake

Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents said...

Your family certainly has a lot of strength! Congrats for your good news!

Clenece said...

WOW, Best of luck Brett. You'll do great!!

Bethany said...

Brett will be an awesome YM Pres. And I didn't know you were in the Primary . . what is your calling?

Remember I am PP and Matt YM's Pres so we both have meetings Sunday morning . . . it's hard, but Brett does have a lot on his plate. . . and like you said, the Lord is in charge. Somedays you may just have to put a smile on your face and some won't be so hard. Good luck to you both.

Andrew, Laura, Haley, Jerod and Emily Corbin said...

Your husband will do great at the calling and even though he has a few meetings, it's not every day (even though it may feel like it is.)It took some getting used to in our house, but we did. It IS very hard to have your husband gone all day and then have to leave againg, but the Young Men will enjoy going to muitual because of him and that will make it well worth it. If you need someone to talk to during the beginning months, I'm a phone call, or a couple blocks away. :)

Scott and Jamie said...

Brett will love the young men. Scott was YM Pres in our last ward and in the bishopric the ward before that... I'm just used to never seeing him on Sundays. Now he's only 1st counselor in the YM Presidency, much better. But he will seriously love serving with t he youth, both Scott and I do.

Bobbi Simkins said...

I hear ya. Sometimes serving is just another thing on the to do list. so much to do. and young mens is busy. but blessings are always good too and the lord never asks more of us than we can handle. i have to remind myself that constantly when i feel like he is.

[whit] said...

well im guessing bretts calling shouldnt be too bad since theres only like what??... 2 ym in your ward?

Erin said...

Wow... I would have a hard time with that too. So hopefully you will get LOTS of blessings that make it all worth it. I'm sure you will, it always ends up that way. But I don't doubt it will be hard. Good luck...

Lindsey said...

You will do great! and Brett will too! I promise it won't seem as busy or as bad as you think it may be now. Rich is 1st counselor in the YM and is also scoutmaster. Its just nice that they get done with school at 2 a lot of the time. That way that aren't even gone all day so when they do have to leave we at least get to see them a little bit.

Good Luck!

Candace said...

The first thing I thought of after reading this is what President Monson has said: "Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies." That includes both you AND Brett! GOOD LUCK.