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Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Times.....

It's beginning....

You know, the stress that comes with being 22+ weeks pregnant & wondering if every little twitch is a sign that labor is impending?????

OH! You don't know...I guess that's just me then.

Here's the latest:

I've been feeling pretty good. The last four weeks have consisted of a bit of mild achiness/cramping & a few contractions, but nothing that made me too worried. I even made it four whole weeks without bothering my doctor about anything except a simple infection (not to be elaborated on, but just so you know it's a common thing for me & a lot of women).

So yesterday was my doctor's appointment. I'm almost 23 weeks, and I have been anxious to see how my cervix is holding up.

It measured over 5cm

It is indeed 'Funneling' at the top. (I totally knew it)

It's still 4.8cm with funneling present

A 'Funneling' cervix is not a normal occurance in a normal pregnancy

BUT, I was never under the impression that this pregnancy would be normal (a girl can hope).

So, the instructions were to continue my progesterone shots, continue to 'take it easy', and come back in 4 weeks where we will do another cervical length check.

My thoughts on those instructions.....Shots-CHECK, 'Take it easy'-Will do, Come back in 4 weeks-Seriously???? You want to wait that long to check me again? Do you know what can happen in four weeks? Hmmmm.....we'll see. But still, I came away feeling pretty good.

Then comes the next day. I've been having more contractions. They aren't strong, but I definitely know they are there, and they have even woken me up the past 2 nights. I am crampy & paranoid as well. I decide to run it by my doctor, and of course he wants me to go to labor and delivery to be monitored. Of course, I expected that. So I drive up to my hospital (which took much longer than usual because it was rush hour), waited for an hour just to be taken back to a Triage room, & got hooked up to monitors. Luckily I had a nice friend who went with me (Thanks Jenalee) so the wait wasn't too terrible.
My doctor happened to be the one on call so he performed yet another ultrasound to check my cervical length. It's still about 4.5cm...a little less than yesterday, but not a huge deal. My doctor is not concerned. I'm not concerned that it's a tad shorter either, but I am concerned about these stupid dang contractions. Technically though, they don't consider them actual contractions unless they are changing my cervix. Whatever. I don't even know what to think anymore. I am at a loss as to what would warrant a call to the doctor, or a trip to the hospital.

Anyway, I was sent home with yet another prescription to calm my contracting uterus (hence contractions....or so I thought). And instead of 'take it easy', I am officially on 'take it EASIER'....'Do what you have to, don't do anything else'. LOL! Funny no? The doctor did pose the question of "What will you do if I put you on bedrest?" I told him I would work it out if that's what needed to be done. We aren't to that point yet, but it may happen.

The best thing that came from my night in Labor & Delivery, is that my doctor will do weekly cervical checks. I don't know if I pressured him into that one, but if I did, then good for me. I need it for my least for the next 5 or so weeks. I sort of feel like I am calling the shots here. I guess it's a good thing I feel like I know what I need.

So there you have it. is beginning.


Christie said...

I will get the guest bedroom ready but I will continue to pray that you don't have to use it. It doesn't mean I don't want you to use it for a couple of days to come and visit me though.

Erin said...

Oh man... that would be so hard. With your past history, you would think your Dr. would want to monitor you VERY closely. Wierd. I hope you the best, and contractions stink, I'M SICK OF THEM! Good luck.

the Corbin Clan said...

Kim, let us know if you need anything from us. We are right down the road and are more than willing to help you and your family out. If you need me to take the girls for a day let me know. I hope things continue to stay alright and that you can relax a little. But I completely understand how you are feeling. Let us know how we can help. :)

Candace said...

I think it's great you are following your instincts!! With your history I really think you can't be too careful. I'm relieved for you that you'll get to go in weekly now. Glad Brett will be home more these next few weeks, too!

Clenece said...

GEZZ girl! I am surprised YOU had to be the one to pressure the DR. into do weekly checks and so forth...They should be JUST as worried as you are. Hopefully your body will relax more and things can slow down for you and not be so intense. Best of luck Kim!

Bryce and Jenalee said...

Sorry I was a lame companion. I promise I will be more fun on our next hospital trup!

Jenna said...

Kim you better take it easy!!! Thanks for the update, i don't feel so far away away and clueless now.

McKay and Amanda Jones said...

Well I hope all goes well!!! I have told McKay though i bet they have their baby beofre us or right around us! Hope all stays well for ya at least the best it can be for ya!

Jeff and ReAnn said...

Good Luck Kim. And good for you in taking charge. I will be the first to admit that although Doctors are great, they don't know everything and you know your own body better than anyone. Always go with your instincts. We will pray for you. It must be crazy hard having two kids to look after.
PS. send me your address please!