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Easton is the cutest little boy we know! He rightfully earned the nickname 'BEASTY' when he was a baby and it has stuck with him. He is such a sweet little mommy's boy and we are ALL at his Beck and call. Easton loves cars, snacks, and playing outside. He is talking up a storm and it seems like he learns something new every single day. He is at such a fun age. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!


Ainslee is the baby and she just turned ONE!! This child is a handful!!! She hasn't quite grown out of the difficult phase.....that she has been in since she was born, but we still find ways to find her sweet side! Hearing her baby giggles and watching her discover & learn new things make all the whininess......just a little easier to deal with. Aaaahhh, we love this Ainslee Girl!!


Oh our cute little Avery! With her blue eyes & blonde hair, she is one of the cutest 4 year olds around!! This girl is stubborn! She definitely keeps us on our toes. She is quite unpredictable, which makes for a lot of laughs! Avery is our TREAT-FREAK! We can always guess what is on her mind. My favorite thing about Avery is her smiles. She always has one for us no matter what and that makes everyones day just a little better. She attends preschool and says she doesn't like it, but secretly we know she does ;). We are so lucky to have this cute girl in our family! We can't get enough of her.

Kobe Dylan

Kobe Dylan
Kobe is our first child, born in 2004. He was 4 months early and weighed a whopping 1 lb. 4 oz.! We got to be with Kobe for 4 wonderful weeks. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to raise one of God's perfect children. We love him and thank Heavenly Father everyday that he is part of our family. We have a treasure in heaven.
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Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones


Quinnie just turned 6! She is growing faster than we can keep up with! She loves going to first grade and is doing really well! She picks up on things very quickly and LOVES learning. She's seriously a sponge. Her favorite thing to do is write notes and draw pictures for her friends & family. You should see our continual stack of papers. Quinnlyn is creative & spunky & totally independant. We love her like crazy!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

1/2 a year!!!

It’s my half birthday today!!!!  Mom says 6 months went by SO FAST…..and that she’s never functioned on so little sleep for so long!

I am growing… a baby


& my hair is growing……like a weed.

Mom gave me my 3rd haircut last week. She cut an inch off & I still have this much left!!! People still say I look a lot older than I really am…..because of my hair. I get to sit in front of mom’s mirror and play with toys while she does my Mohawk……just like my sisters. Sometimes I like it…..sometimes I don’t.

Sleep habits???? I don’t have any habits. Mom says I am RANDOM. She never knows what to expect from me. Sometimes I wake up once at night, other times I wake up every 2 hours.

I eat. Every 3 hours. Mom gives me baby food too, but not regularly. I do get Gerber Puffs everyday and I love them. I can even pick them up &  feed myself.

I like to ‘BULL-DOZE’ across the room. I can get around pretty good that way. I pick up tiny things off the floor too…..and then I put them in my mouth.

I had my first cold this month. Luckily it wasn’t too bad. Just a little runny nose for about a week.

I weigh 16 pounds 8 ounces (25-50 percent) and I am 26 inches long (25-50 percent).Easton1

  I sit up and am that makes me a slightly happier baby.

I love splashing in the bathtub.

I love when Dad comes home. He usually gets the biggest smile of the day.


But I am a total

 Momma’s boy.

If I can’t see her, than I am usually okay, but the minute she walks past, I start to whine.

I am spoiled. I get held all the time. And I usually get what I want.


Happy Six months BEASTY!!!


JustJenn said...

Oh goodness, that DID go by fast! And he's just as cute as ever!!

Rach said...

6 months, seriously! that FLEW by. Scares me... He is so stinkin' adorable. {good thing too} I think my little guy is wanting to be a beasty too! Argh... we'll see!

Bethany said...

Seriously the cutest thing! Can't wait to play with him in a couple of weeks!

Candace said...

He is just too stinkin' cute!!!