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Easton is the cutest little boy we know! He rightfully earned the nickname 'BEASTY' when he was a baby and it has stuck with him. He is such a sweet little mommy's boy and we are ALL at his Beck and call. Easton loves cars, snacks, and playing outside. He is talking up a storm and it seems like he learns something new every single day. He is at such a fun age. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!


Ainslee is the baby and she just turned ONE!! This child is a handful!!! She hasn't quite grown out of the difficult phase.....that she has been in since she was born, but we still find ways to find her sweet side! Hearing her baby giggles and watching her discover & learn new things make all the whininess......just a little easier to deal with. Aaaahhh, we love this Ainslee Girl!!


Oh our cute little Avery! With her blue eyes & blonde hair, she is one of the cutest 4 year olds around!! This girl is stubborn! She definitely keeps us on our toes. She is quite unpredictable, which makes for a lot of laughs! Avery is our TREAT-FREAK! We can always guess what is on her mind. My favorite thing about Avery is her smiles. She always has one for us no matter what and that makes everyones day just a little better. She attends preschool and says she doesn't like it, but secretly we know she does ;). We are so lucky to have this cute girl in our family! We can't get enough of her.

Kobe Dylan

Kobe Dylan
Kobe is our first child, born in 2004. He was 4 months early and weighed a whopping 1 lb. 4 oz.! We got to be with Kobe for 4 wonderful weeks. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to raise one of God's perfect children. We love him and thank Heavenly Father everyday that he is part of our family. We have a treasure in heaven.
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Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones


Quinnie just turned 6! She is growing faster than we can keep up with! She loves going to first grade and is doing really well! She picks up on things very quickly and LOVES learning. She's seriously a sponge. Her favorite thing to do is write notes and draw pictures for her friends & family. You should see our continual stack of papers. Quinnlyn is creative & spunky & totally independant. We love her like crazy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter was fun. We went to a church down the road from us to hunt Easter eggs on Saturday. I didn't feel like carrying the camera around with me....I'm lazy like that sometimes. The girls also got a bucket filled with fun stuff from the Easter Bunny. They got side walk chalk, bubbles, water balloons, sun glasses, an outfit and shoes, and some candy (as if they needed anymore candy).

Easter morning we woke up to another 'mini' egg hunt in our backyard. More candy....unnecessary. The rest of the day was spent watching conference and just hanging out together. Nothing special, but kind of nice to just relax with no where to go.


SPRING IS HERE.....well it was. My daffodils and tulips came up, we spent several days playing outside riding bikes and going for walks. That 70-80 degree weather felt great. It was teasing us.

Today we are back in the 50's. The past 2 nights we have had tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings. STUPID INDIANA WEATHER. I will never stop expressing my hate for it. Luckily we haven't actually had to get into our tornado closet (but I did clean it out just in case).

Brett is getting through school. He has been staying later than I am use to. These days he gets home around 5:30. I don't like it....but I am dealing with it. I think I might have it better than some of the other dental wives, so I try not to complain. The warm weather was helping for a while, because we kept ourselves busy.

Quinnlyn is officially signed up for Kindergarten. She's excited, I am excited, we are just excited ;). Too bad it doesn't start for a couple more months.

Avery is almost 3.....meaning 'TERRRIBLE 3's' (I think they should change it from terrible 2's). She whines, she cries, she pouts and throws tantrums. I'll bet she will go crazy on us once the baby comes.....WATCH OUT!

I'm mixed up with a bunch of emotions.

GRATEFUL: That I made it this far
SURPRISED: That I made it this far.....
FRUSTRATED: That I have been off bedrest for 5 weeks and I am still pregnant
CURIOUS: To know if I REALLY needed all that bedrest
TIRED: Of being fat and pregnant
GLAD: That I am still pregnant because it means my life is normal for another day
NERVOUS: To have a nervous. I'm still not quite comfortable with it.
SCARED: That I may have to be induced....and I will before I go past my due date
TERRIFIED: Of labor and delivery. You'd think after 3 times, I would be okay, but the fear gets bigger and bigger with each one.
HUNGRY: No explanation needed
SATISFIED: That we are ready (as ready as we will get) for this far as having the stuff we need
EXCITED: To meet him
SAD: To not feel him kicking and moving in my belly once he is born

There is a lot going through my mind....most of the time at night.....when I should be sleeping....but I can' I just lay awake. I'm pretty sure I get about 3 hours of QUALITY sleep each night.

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. I'm sure I will be back here complaining about NO PROGRESS. Stay tuned.


Candace said...

When you said Brett was staying later these days I thought you were going to say 7:00 or so....5:30???!?! Wah. j/k I'm actually really glad for YOU that he doesn't have to stay very late because of how ROUGH your pregnancy has been!!!!

Bryce and Jenalee said...

Just getting yourself ready for no sleep the next couple of months!

Bethany said...

I remember thinking, "what are we going to do with a boy." But you learn pretty quickly--and I LOVE having a boy, though I think all my kids have been pretty even tempered (until close to 3!) so a baby boy isn't any different to me than a baby girl--but after Kaitlyn who has been a daddy's girl from 5-6 months on, it's nice to have a little momma's boy. He loves me the best!
Good luck. We too are excited to meet him!

Rach said...

Good luck! You are getting so close. A boy will be sooo different-i'll be nervous too, if this one's a boy. We get so comfortable with our "girls"
It will be a fun change!

PS. I totally agree with the terrible 3's. Three is WAY worse than 2!

pps. do they have a new drill coach yet?

Bobbi Simkins said...

I hate the weather here too! at least you don't have to stay there forever. I'm sure the bedrest helped. If it makes you feel any better Luke hardly ever gets off before 5:30. I know I don't have kids to deal with all day, but I hear ya on just wanting them to be home sooner. I probably won't see him all day today! until bedtime that is. good luck with a boy! you will be fine.

Clenece said...

I can't believe you haven't had him yet! Best of luck you guys!

The Bowlers said...

Teddi said your getting induced on Friday? Crazy Kim! It is crazy that you haven't had him, too! Do you know the name yet? And yes, you will love having a boy! They are so fun, but I don't know any different, I guess!

So I can't stop complaining about the weather here, either. It's always so WINDY!! I think I drive Nate crazy cause I complain all the time about it. So yeah, atleast your not gonna live there forever. :) Well good luck girl and keep us posted! I'm excited for ya!