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Easton is the cutest little boy we know! He rightfully earned the nickname 'BEASTY' when he was a baby and it has stuck with him. He is such a sweet little mommy's boy and we are ALL at his Beck and call. Easton loves cars, snacks, and playing outside. He is talking up a storm and it seems like he learns something new every single day. He is at such a fun age. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this little guy!


Ainslee is the baby and she just turned ONE!! This child is a handful!!! She hasn't quite grown out of the difficult phase.....that she has been in since she was born, but we still find ways to find her sweet side! Hearing her baby giggles and watching her discover & learn new things make all the whininess......just a little easier to deal with. Aaaahhh, we love this Ainslee Girl!!


Oh our cute little Avery! With her blue eyes & blonde hair, she is one of the cutest 4 year olds around!! This girl is stubborn! She definitely keeps us on our toes. She is quite unpredictable, which makes for a lot of laughs! Avery is our TREAT-FREAK! We can always guess what is on her mind. My favorite thing about Avery is her smiles. She always has one for us no matter what and that makes everyones day just a little better. She attends preschool and says she doesn't like it, but secretly we know she does ;). We are so lucky to have this cute girl in our family! We can't get enough of her.

Kobe Dylan

Kobe Dylan
Kobe is our first child, born in 2004. He was 4 months early and weighed a whopping 1 lb. 4 oz.! We got to be with Kobe for 4 wonderful weeks. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to raise one of God's perfect children. We love him and thank Heavenly Father everyday that he is part of our family. We have a treasure in heaven.
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Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones


Quinnie just turned 6! She is growing faster than we can keep up with! She loves going to first grade and is doing really well! She picks up on things very quickly and LOVES learning. She's seriously a sponge. Her favorite thing to do is write notes and draw pictures for her friends & family. You should see our continual stack of papers. Quinnlyn is creative & spunky & totally independant. We love her like crazy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's that time....

I haven't done a Full Family update for a bit, so here is one for any of you who care.

Started working in the clinics this summer. It's a lot less boring, but a little more nerve wracking I would think. They kind of just throw the 3rd years into doing procedures on actual patients....or so it seems to me. But Brett has done well. I went in a few weeks ago and got a cleaning from him. Cleanings are pretty simple, but he did a great job. It was fun to see him in the clinics----wearing his gown, gloves, mask, & glasses. I have my very own Dr. Jones. I wish I would've gotten a picture of him!!! He still has classes this year but I think he is in clinics at least half the time.
He's still the Young Men's president which keeps him busy on Sundays with meetings, and Wednesdays with mutual. *SIGH* That's all I am saying.

I'm just trying to keep up with life. I had a birthday and I am now 25. Getting older is not fun. I definitely see myself aging when I look in the mirror. BUT, I have recently gotten a few comments about people thinking I am still a teenager so it offsets the pain a bit. The kids are keeping me busy, but I like to be busy. It sure beats sitting around waiting for something to do!!!
I got a new camera for my birthday & I am excited to get it & put it to good use.

You already know she started school last week. She has a lot of fun. Unfortunately, she came down with pneumonia a few days & so she missed a few days until she was completely better. The sickness came on so quickly and I thought it was STREP, but nope....we got pneumonia. Luckily she wasn't really too miserable. A cough, low-grade fever for a day, stomach pain for a bit today & some throwing up. Sounds like a lot, but she's actually acted fairly normal.
She is a great help with Easton. She even loves to change his diaper. And Easton really loves her, as well as Avery. He gets the biggest smile when he sees them. He definitely knows who his sisters are and it is so sweet.

This child is a big ball of ENERGY....which is good and bad. She never quits. She is such a little whiner and she throws a fit over every little thing that doesn't go her way. And she is still crazy about TREATS!!!! I think it gets worse & worse. Lately we have been waking up earlier so we can get Quinnlyn to school. That means Avery eats breakfast at about 8:00 & by 9:00 she is BEGGING to have a treat....or lunch. I know exactly what she wants even before she asks. She makes us laugh though.
She is very interested in school now that Quinnlyn is in kindergarten. I even had to buy her the same tinkerbell notebook and she brought it with her (along with her little backpack) when we took Quinnlyn to her first day of class.

I will do a full update in him in about a week since he will be turning 4 months...but for now I will just say: He is sleeping much better, we have him on an 'almost' schedule, and he gives us the SWEETEST smiles ever. And all of this couldn't have come any sooner. WHEW!!!!! I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to keep up with this child.

We have been enjoying the summer. Not so much the 95 degree weather with terrible humidity that makes it worse than anything you feel in Utah, but hot is better than cold in my book. We were able to go to both the county fair, and the state fair where we got to try the deep fried oreos & cookie dough---(we passed on the hamburger that had krispy kreme doughnuts for buns & also the deep fried pepsi, snickers, reeses and even BUTTER....yes I said deep fried butter).

We can't believe we are beginning our third year here in Indiana. Time has gone by very quickly.

And that is us.


Bethany said...

So how was the deep fried oreo and cookie dough? I have heard about the butter--GROSS, but I guess you can deep fry anything. Would like to try a snickers . . .
Glad Easton is doing better. 25, huh? Good I am still 30 then.
And, the family pictures are cute. I know I already said this, but I love the one with Avery hugging Quinnie from behind. Darling kids!

Clenece said...

Sorry to hear that Quinny got sick!! NO FUN!! Sorry I missed your b-day! Hope you had a great day!!