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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be I weird???

OK. Here it is. Brett & I had a conversation last night (and I told him it was going to turn into a blog post). It was about me feeling the need to make our life a little bit more.....'NATURAL'. And by NATURAL I mean: Cutting back on Processed foods (which would involve making a lot of my own stuff such as tomato sauce, bread, cake mixes, etc.), using more natural shampoos & conditioners & household cleaners & detergent & cleaning products etc. RIGHT NOW those are my biggest concerns.

I guess I am just starting to inform myself rather than just going along with what the majority of people say is NORMAL & SAFE. I would rather choose the healthy alternative & I believe there are a lot of healthier choices out there for us. YES, I have been reading stuff on the internet & NO I am not someone who believes everything I read (although I am a little bit of a hypochondriac but that is a different post). In fact, I have always been a little skeptical about things I read. But I do believe that the things we eat & SOME products that most of us use are affecting our health in a way that MAY NOT (and I stress MAY NOT) be as good as we think.

So I told Brett last night that I found a recipe to make deodorant. I didn't even tell him I was going to try and make it (which I probably won't because I don't want to go searching for all the ingredients I would need.....beeswax, essential oils, & stuff like that) but he got all worried that I was going to turn into a WEIRDO HIPPIE. I'll admit that if the ingredients were easily found, I would probably try it out.

This led to other discussions about vaccines & medicines, homemade laundry detergent & shampoo (because I have recipes for both of those ;) ), and buying organic foods. Brett is in the medical field & he relies HEAVILY on what his professors teach him & also studies that are published. I am certainly not saying those studies are wrong. But what about Mercury in vaccines for instance---They once thought it was safe, but now it has been taken out of most vaccines because IT ISN'T. So just because there are studies done, doesn't mean it is CUT & DRY and I can never question it again. I am just going by my own logic (for example 'Organic fruit has got to be better than fruit that has been grown with pesticides').

So here is the bottom line: I want to stop eating a lot of foods, make my own household products if it is simple, & YES, I do think some food is better ORGANIC. I think there a lot of ingredients in our products (food & non-food) that DO NOT belong in or on our bodies.

I don't want to turn into a WEIRDO HIPPIE though. So please tell I getting to that point? Should I just forget about making homemade deodorant???? (haha.....but this is not really about homemade deodorant)

Disclaimer: I am totally PRO-VACCINE. I have no doubt they are beneficial...but that doesn't mean I am not scared of pumping dozens of shots into my babies when they are so tiny!!!! I do it....but I don't like it.


we are GIBSON said...

I totally think you're weird! But not for the reasons you're asking...

I'm all for eating "organic" when you can and maybe making my own laundry detergent, but deodorant takes it a bit too far for me.

I'm really skeptical of labels that say organic because you don't know if they are just on the Green Bandwagon or if they really do everything 100% organic. I'd prefer to grow my own garden and make what I can from that.

Gwenevere said...

Word to the wise, if you make your own anything from scratch, you are a hippy. Own it! Love it! Reap the benefits.

Have I told you....I'm so excited about it I swear I told everyone when I worked out the deal....I'm trading homemade bread for fresh, free range chicken eggs this year. If you know anyone with a milk cow I'm up for a trade there too.

So what have you got Kim...shampoo and laundry detergent, how much of that do I get for a loaf of bread?

Lindsey said...

haha! I think it might be kinda weird you have a 'recipe' for deodorant :)

But, I definitely think that organic food overall would be way better. I agree with the other comment though that mentioned it just saying organic and not really knowing if it truly is the organic we are thinking in our minds of. All the marketing.

You could sure save a TON of money on laundry detergent if your recipe is a good one.

JustJenn said...

Not so weird :)

I quit using shampoo... and switched to an organic conditioner after reading this blog post:

I am at 3 1/2 months shampoo free. I don't make my own laundry detergent or dish soap, but I do use the 'Free & Clear' ones. And I switched from regular, chemical laden cleaning products to the Homeology line from Gold Canyon, which not only smells amazing, but is all plant based (

As far as the deoderant goes... you don't have to make your own. Have you seen or heard of 'deoderant rocks'?

Bryce and Jenalee said...

Before I even got halfway down the term WIERDO HIPPIE was coming to my mind too. But if you do make your own deoderant, make an extra so I can try it.

Kim said... can't want to try it, or else you will be a weirdo hippie with me. You have to make a choice.

Bethany said...

Tell Brett his mom makes her own laundry detergent.
I try to buy "free and clear" dish soap . . . and if I could afford it would possibly buy "organic" but I am also skeptical about how "organic" it really is.

Jenna said...

real hippies don't wear deodorant :) so i think youre good

Rick and Christie Farnsworth said...

I don't think you are weird. My family has done many of these for a while because my mom has a sensitivity to chemicals. Rick and I compromise on some (organic fruits/veggies, free & clear detergents, a few homemade cleaners, etc.) and some of it we have yet to decide how we feel (i.e. vaccines). I'm not ready to make my own deodorant, but I am open to exploring more natural options.

Candace said...

I'm with ya, going toward more natural stuff. I think there is room for both worlds. It's when you go totally extreme, either way, that you go wrong. As far as organic stuff they are getting better about regulating it. If it says "USDA Organic" then it has to meet certain standards. There are also some fruits and veggies that are more worth buying organic than others. Maybe you already know about that but if not Google it. Let me know what you think of the deodorant. I try to be open minded. :)

Josh and Ashleigh said...

Way to go you! It is so important to eat organic foods. I believe a lot of the health problems come from hormones and pesticides. just think how much of that is pumped into our food...yuck!
P.S. I have a killer bread recipe if you want it. I also have a great soap recipe too.

[whit] said...

P.s. I think that is definitely hippyish but hippies are awesome so I'll come live with you and we can make our own deoderant